People are an organization's most valuable asset.

And yet top executives often focus their energy on the business metrics, forgetting that people — the very means to those metrics — are motivated by behavior. People have egos, ambitions, fears and sensitivities. Emotions determine decisions as often as reason. What is effective with one may not yield results with another.

Synergy is defined as the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. In business it means that when different disciplines, contributing factors and diverse processes cooperate, the integrated outcomes produce greater results.

Psynergy Group leverages its expertise in psychology — the science behind human behavior and motivation — to create psychological synergies within the workplace. We understand that if people feel valued, contributory and motivated, they are more productive and possess greater drive. This human dimension is critical to achieving “psynergistic” results.

Our proprietary tools and methodology create opportunity for improving team dynamics, enhancing corporate culture and managing relationships — yielding increased productivity and job satisfaction.


With the added stresses of an accelerated workplace and the cultural nuances of expanding workforce diversity, those executives who learn to communicate effectively are the ones who get the most accomplished. We’ve all met someone who knows how to give a great annual review, or a manager who can rally an entire boardroom behind an idea. We all know someone who repeatedly handles stressful situations with composure, exuding confidence while leading the way.


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