Assess. Understand. Optimize.

Within any dialog, the speaker and listener bring with them to that moment their own point of view, sensitivities, innate communications style and defense mechanisms. Psynergy Group teaches you how to identify when these qualities begin to affect the conversation. Being aware of their presence and influence enables you to direct your communication to the most productive outcome.

By understanding how your own communications cues — both conscious and subconscious — affect different types of people, you can better prepare for, deliver and respond to the people with whom you’re communicating.

Focused primarily on communication dynamics and their effect on business, our disciplined approach is designed to fit with today’s drive toward measurability. Through feedback sessions, formal reports, satisfaction studies and other metrics — including the enhanced accomplishments of your employees — your return on investment will be clearly measurable.


Ultimately, effective communication comes from the synergy between the involved parties. This synergy happens when a speaker can anticipate and proactively address how the conscious and subconscious dynamics between people affect conversation. By adapting tools based on psychology to business scenarios, Psynergy Group helps executives get the most from every word they speak.


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